Frequently Asked Police Questions (FAQ)

Below is some frequently asked questions.

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Accident Report Needed?

Advance notice is needed to obtain police reports. Copies of accident reports may be requested via mail or the phone at a cost of $15.00. Please make check payable to: West Brandywine Police Department. If you are planning on requesting a report by mail, please send a check along with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).


Please supply us with as much information as you can with regard to the accident; the date, time, location and names of parties involved. As soon as the report is complete you may stop in and pick it up or if we have received your check along with your SASE it will be mailed to you.

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Alarm Information & Printable Application Forms

Below you will find a link for the following three printable  forms:

1)    Emergency Notification Form

2)    Alarm Installation Application Form

3)    Waiver


The purpose of the emergency notification form is to provide the police department with a list of names and telephone numbers of people to contact in the event of a problem with your residence (during alarm activation) or business (during non-business hours).


The alarm installation application form is used to provide the police department with information on residents and business utilizing alarm systems in West Brandywine Township. Administrative fee must accompany the application (see current fee schedule). Below is a link to Alarm Ordinance No. 93-03. Alarm information must be renewed yearly due by January 31st (see current fee schedule for renewal fee). 


The requested information in both forms is basic and self explanatory. This information is kept strictly confidential and is used only in the event of an alarm of other emergency or problem with your residence/business; i.e. discovered break-in, fire, etc. When the forms are complete in their entirety, please attach any applicable fees and return them, either in person or by mail, to West Brandywine Township Police Department. If at any time there are deletions or additions to be made to the from(s), please notify the police department so that all the information is complete and up-to-date.

The Ordinance also states that any person, firm or corporation who sells or leases, and/or installs automatic protection devices be registered with the Township. If you need a contractors application please click on the link. Contractors Insurance Verification Application & Worker Compensation Link

Attached Document or FileAlarm Installation  Application, Waiver, & Emergency Notification
Attached Document or FileOrdinance No. 93-03  Regulation of Burglar, Fire, & Other Emergency Alarm Systems and Related Fees
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Parking on the street
If you are planning to have vehicles parked on the street, please notify the police department.  There is a "No Parking" Ordinance in West Brandywine Township, but we realize that there are special occasions where parking on the street is necessary. 


All we ask is that you give us a call or fill out the on-street parking form and let us know when you will require extra parking, and leave your name, address and phone number and the times you will be parking on the street.

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Roadside Clean Ups

The adopt a road program has been in effect for some years but we have minimal participates to clean up numerous roads. The weather is getting nicer but some of the road sides are beginning to look like a landfill. The amount of trash that falls out of trash cans or recycling cans each week is astounding. In severe windy conditions, cans and bins are blown over spilling out the contents which eventually are not picked up and left on the roadside. Also trash may come out of a trash truck driving by or discourteous driver may throw trash from the window. I would like to encourage residents to police their property and roadside areas and pick up loose lying garbage on the roadside. This would help cut down on the amount of garbage left behind and make the township and your property more presentable. If you are interested in adopting a road, please contact me to fill out an application. The township provides bags, gloves, signs and vests and will even come out to pick up the collected garbage. The only thing needed is manpower. Even if you choose not to adopt a road but would like to do a one time clean up, that is also welcomed. There is no minimum to a pick up, it can be just one person who would like to donate their time.

The following roads are in desperate need of clean up and have no one actively conducting litter removal.

1) Highspire Road

2) Icedale Road

3) Swineheart Road (State Road but twp will assist in supplies)

4) Lafayette Road  

5) Route 322 (State Road but twp will assist in supplies)

6) Little Washington Road (State Road but twp will assist in supplies)

7 )Route 82 between Rt 322 and Hibernia (State road but twp will assist in supplies)

Please email me if your are interested in this program.

Sgt Jeff Kimes

Twp Adopt a Road Coordinator

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Special Adopt a Road Clean up , Route 82

The township Adopt a Road program is currently looking for volunteers to help conduct a roadside clean up on Route 82, between Union Road and Route 340. This section of Route 82 is dangerous and can not be adopted through the Department of Transportation.

The last time there was a clean up for this section was in 2008 and is in desperate need of a cleaning. There is a heavy amount of trash on both sides of the road, which really is an eye sore to passing motorists and visitors to the Township. I would like to schedule a pick up some time this year, but it can't be done with out the help of dedicated volunteers who want to give some time to keep their community beautiful and pride in helping the environment.

The supplies will be provided and the Police Department can help the day of the pick up with traffic control and crew safety. If someone would like to head this up, please email me and let me know. If your an individual or a group wanting to help out, and your over the age of 8, please email me of the interest. Together, we can make a difference in keeping our Township beautiful.

Sgt Jeff Kimes

Township Adopt a Road Coordinator

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