Zoning Hearing Board

Acts independently of the Board of Supervisors but is appointed by them to set terms. Acts upon variances and special exceptions to the Zoning Ordinance.

The Zoning Hearing Board Members have a 3 year term.


Current members::

  • Richard K. Guest (12/2017)
  • Andrew F. Reczek (12/2019) 
  • Dave Frankland (12/2018)
  • Stephen D. Crane - appointed 03/02/2017 (alternate)

About the Zoning Hearing Board

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) (originally enacted as Act 247, in 1968) establishes the basic authority for the exercise of municipal land use controls in Pennsylvania. The MPC provides for the establishment of zoning hearing boards where municipalities have enacted a zoning ordinance pursuant to the enabling laws.


The Zoning Hearing Board convenes to hear appeals from the decision of the Zoning Administrator, requests for variance from the terms of the zoning codes, and requests for use by special exception as established by the zoning code. The board also hears challenges to the validity of any provision of  the zoning or land use requirements.


Members of the Zoning Hearing Board are residents of the Township and are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The term of office for each member is three years with one term expiring each year on a rotating basis. Members of the board can hold no other office in the municipality.

Attached Document or FileZoning Hearing Board  Planning Series #6
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