Agricultural Security Area Advisory

 The current Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee Members are:
  • Thomas J. McCaffrey

  • Scott F. Sandone

  • Rhonda Mowday

  • Cindy Dawson

  • Karen Vollmecke

About the Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee

In October of 1990, the Board of Supervisors, West Brandywine Township, established the Township’s Agricultural Security Area as permitted by Act 43. Since this time, the area was revisited in 1996 and additional property owners became participants. The Board of Supervisors is once again seeking the names of property owners that would like to participate and become part of the Township’s Agricultural Security Area. To become part of the Agricultural Security Area, your property must consist of at least ten (10) acres.


Benefits of the Agricultural Security Area

As a landowner of ten (10) acres or more, your participation would be strictly voluntary. In addition to this, your participation does not restrict the use of your land.  As a participating member of the Agricultural Security Area, landowners are given special consideration. The Township may not impose ordinances that unreasonably restrict farm structures or practices within the area, nor may normal farming operations and practices be deemed “nuisances” in a nuisance ordinance.


How Do I Become a Participant?

Simply contact the Township office for an application and general information pertaining to the Agricultural Security Area. Upon your review of the information and application, just complete the application and return it to the Township office. The Township will then go through the legal process to add your property to the area.

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